Where to have fun in Marrakech?

Marrakech is located less than three hours by plane from all major European capitals. Travelers from all over the world are very likely to want to spend a few days of vacation to relax and enjoy all the assets of this exceptional city.

The city of Marrakech has many assets such as a mild climate throughout the year with peaks of heat in summer and a winter often soft and dry. The ocher city is a welcoming, pleasant, cosmopolitan city that offers a wide range of activities and entertainment for the whole family. A small panorama of leisure activities is essential for your next vacation!

During family vacations, it is often difficult to satisfy the expectations of everyone. Children are not addicted to cultural visits and parents do not want to spend hours completely by the pool. Here are some good places to link the discovery of Marrakech and have fun with your family during your next vacation.

Lands of Amanar

In a natural and pleasant area just a few kilometers from Marrakech, you can link the useful to the pleasant by spending a day at Terres d’Amanar. On the program for young and old, zip lines, several courses of tree climbing, climbing, archery, craft workshops, adventure horse and junior area. Rates vary depending on the activity and the desired courses.

Palooza Land

Palooza Land is the last place of entertainment for the whole family that has opened in Marrakech. The park opened on December 23rd. More than 24,000 square meters for family fun, 30 attractions from 8 to 40 dhs and admission to 12 dhs per person during the week and 15 dhs on weekends. In addition to the attractions and beautiful articulated dinosaurs, the park also has a swimming pool with water games and a space to eat or have a coffee.

Kidzo by Menara Mall

Another style and atmosphere, the Kidzo by Menara Mall located in the district of Hivernage close to the Menara and the Medina. While going to discover the Menara and its basin, please the children with a stop at the space Kidzo. Games galore to relax, discover and have fun for young and old. To access the games, you have to take a card. This card allows you to pay for the attractions and earn points to collect your prize at the exit. A dining area is planned on the same level with a terrace and a magnificent view of Marrakech.

L’Aqua Mirage Club

The Aqua Mirage Club Marrakech stretches over 20 hectares of nature at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. The area has its giant Aqua Park for children as for fans of thrills, a wide range of entertainment, diverse areas of dining and rooms dedicated to the organization of meetings and seminars. The Aqua Club Mirage All Inclusive Marrakech is the perfect place to combine accommodation, recreation and business. At the entrance area, withdrawal from activities, the property features 4 meeting rooms, fully equipped and flexible to meet all needs in terms of capacity.

The riders of the Atlas

Horse and horse lovers will be seduced by this activity. You will leave for a day or half-day on the trails to discover the surroundings of Marrakech. A playful and ecological activity for the whole family supervised by professionals of the sector.

Happy holidays in Marrakech with the family .


Only in Marrakech Do’s and Don’ts


  1. Agree the taxi fare before entering a petit taxi. You can normally get anywhere in Marrakech for under 50 dh or try just getting in and stating your destination with no discussion. You may get a surprise and he will use the meter. If he does give a couple of Dirhams as a reward!


  1. Barter hard when buying from the souks. A half to quarter of the offered price and work your way up. Sellers feel it when you are in love with the item. Around the corner you will find the same one, so walk away, it may help to get the price down.
  1. When you agree to a price, for example for a henna tattoo, have it written down in dirhams first. You will not be the first one they tell afterwards that you did not understand them correctly.
  1. Visit Majorelle Gardens a great calm retreat, early morning or late afternoon is best to avoid the tour bus groups.
  1. Visit Saadian tombs but decline the offer of a tour guide. There isn’t a lot to see and often a 10/20 minute queue to see the main room.
  1. Visit El Badi Palace and see the storks.
  1. Watch the main square come alive from a rooftop restaurant.
  1. Eat from an outside market stall (prices are cheap and food is superb) Eat with your hands, the cutlery is rinsed between clients.
  1. Visit the Cyber Park Arsat Moulay Abdel Salam, it is free and far bigger than the Majorelle Gardens and peaceful.
  1. Visit the Ben Ali Yusuf Madrasa and Museum.


  1. Buy water from the main square. Supermarkets are often cheaper. A five litre bottle of mineral water is 10 Dirhams as of 2016 at the Carrefour Market store, about 20 minutes walk from the square. There is a large supermarket called Aswak Assalam a short walk from the bus station, which is large and full of interesting items.
  1. Take pictures of snakes/ monkeys/ dancers/watersellers, unless you are prepared to pay.
  2. Don’t forget a map of the city it can be invaluable. Most streets are not named so a map with landmarks and hotels or riad like Riad Aliya is very useful.
  1. Worry about access to money as there are plenty of cashpoints scattered around the city.
  2. Forget to book a taxi transfer to your Riad . It would be very difficult to find if your coach/bus airport transfer dropped you off at the main square.
  1. Do not forget sensible shoes or trainers. The streets in the Medina are cobbled and hard on your feet. When it rains it can get muddy in certain places. Sandals are not recommended, apart from perhaps in the New Town.
  2. Don’t forget to pack a small torch to navigate the less well lit lanes of the medina at night and always carry low value notes for tips.

Listed here are the most popular attractions & day trips from Marrakech.

Essaouira on the Atlantic coast is about 2 hours drive. It can also be reached by Supratours (office next to rail station) coaches for 75Dh one way, buy the return ticket when you arrive. Alternatively, CTM buses operate a day return ticket for about 150 Dirham. See separate article on Essaouira entitled “Essaouira – a great retreat”.

Ourika Valley is situated in an area close to Marrakech. The area includes the village of Setti Fatma, which has small waterfall . You can reach by walking uphill along a small path. A local guide is probably advisable with the more hazardous sections of the clmb. Has become very touristy over the years with both Moroccans, especially from Marrakech, and foreign visitors.

Despite scorching heat, dubai Desert hotels are the hottest pick in summer

dubai Desert hotels

In stifling summer, sitting in a chilled room when the outside temperature is touching its peak, trailing out to the desert might be the last thing in your mind to do as a tourist in Dubai. However, there are some holidaymakers in the Emirates, who are proving you wrong as desert trekking trend is getting popular. With more and more travellers marching towards deserts, desert hotels are enjoying a bustling trade.

The peak summer months always remain hectic for desert hotels’ management because people hardly visit deserts in scorching heat. However, 2017 summer was exceptional during which occupancy rate remained above 70 percent in most of the hotels. According to a spokesperson of one of the most popular desert hotels the management was amused to see the guests checking in its hotel as the mounting desert temperature did not stop the tourists and travellers visiting there.

In June, a tough competition was seen between the top notch restaurants as most of the international hotel operators have launched their desert hotels in Emirates. Almost half a dozen hotels are marketed as desert gateways in the Emirates. Gone are the days when the travellers were just familiar with “Al Maha” as a desert resort but now few other names have also added in the priority list like Qasr Al Sarab in the Liwa desert and Banyan Tree in Ras Al Khaimah.

Few other hotels are also in the list that will be opened shortly and they are planned in the unique setting of the Al Gharbia desert area of Abu Dhabi. Certainly, the hotels are planned after seeing the increasing demand of desert restaurants. Experts predict a tough competition in Abu Dhabi due to huge growth in the number of hotels in the capital. According to a report, about 6,700 hotel rooms will be added in the streamline by the end of 2014 whereas 14,700 rooms are already available.

Despite the facts and figures, desert hotels are confident that they can attract local and international visitors due to their exceptional setting. Local travellers are preferably targeted because they visited desert in larger numbers this year.

The Cobbled Streets of Tallinn’s Old Town


The narrow, cobbled streets of Tallinn’s Old Town lead you through a multitude of yellow, ochre and coral coloured buildings, each uniquely different in size and shape. The cobbles slowly spiral their way up to the summit of Toompae, where you can rest at one of the many viewpoints and take in the panorama of the city below and out across the bay as orange rooftops meet blue sea.

Toompae is home to the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, decorated ornately in mosaic throughout and providing a striking silhouette on the horizon at dusk. Of all the architecture in Tallinn, this is perhaps the most powerful reminder of the former Russian rule which shrouded Estonia until the late twentieth century.

When you have explored Tallinn’s peak, take a stroll back down the cobbles and start to unwind. The Old Town is encompassed within tall grey brick walls – held together by eighteen towers, peppered around its perimeter. One of these, Suana Torn, has been converted into a large sauna and is a popular place to relax for both locals and tourists alike.

Although the town square of Roekoja Plats can be almost twice as expensive a place as any other in Estonia to have a drink, the opportunity to take the weight off of your feet here should not be missed. Watch the world pass you by for a while before visiting the medieval town hall on the southern side of the square.

Come the evening, Tallinn’s Old Town transforms into a trendy, buzzing hub for the young. There are lots of chic bars to choose from and most are furnished in a contemporary, funky style. Talinn is a very fashionable city and it’s prices are low enough in comparison to other European destinations to attract weekenders from as far a field as Finland and Sweden.

Forget the ‘No Smoking’ signs that you’re used to seeing in other parts of Europe – here in Estonia the emphasis is on guns (or the lack of them). Most of the bars have ‘No Guns’ signs on their windows and it’s hard to explain how this makes you feel. Good that there’s a warning at all?! Or bad that there’s the need to so publicly warn?!

Best Luxury hotels of Jaipur, Rajasthan

Luxury hotels of Jaipur, Rajasthan

Rajasthan, India is famous for preserving the heritage of country with extreme care. Jaipur is one of the cities of Rajasthan which is mainly known for its tourist attractions in the form of forts and historical monuments. Jaipur attracts tourists from all over India as well as from the world also. People from all over the country come to jaipur for getting indulged into the serenity of Indian History.

However, coming to Jaipur, Rajasthan your trip is incomplete if you have not indulged yourself into the heritage of great hotels of Jaipur, Rajasthan.

The heritage hotels are mainly the palaces and forts which are now converted into the hotels and are generating good revenue.

Here is a list of Grand, Heritage hotels of Jaipur, Rajasthan that you must try at least, one of them to feel actual heritage experience of Jaipur, Rajasthan.

The world’s Best heritage hotel – The Raj Palace

The Raj palace is an one of the best heritage hotels in Jaipur, Rajasthan. This hotel is an extreme blend of Luxury, brilliant architecture and great serving qualities. In addition to the quality heritage experience, the hotel also has very all the modern facilities for resting and finding peace such as, the spa treatment, the swimming pool facility. Resting in the swimming pool while enjoying the aura of the place is the best thing one can do while visiting in Jaipur, Rajasthan. In addition to all these , one best quality of The Raj palace is that it is very unique, the architecture, decoration, style of the palace gives you an unique experience which can not be found anywhere in the world.

This palace is one of the oldest palaces in the city of Jaipur, Rajasthan. The Hotel has won many awards and recognitions due to its brilliant architecture and luxurious aura.

The Jewel of Jaipur – The Rambagh Palace

The Jewel of Jaipur – The Rambagh Palace is the one which comes second in the list of one of the best heritage hotels in Jaipur, Rajasthan.This palace once used to be the residence of the Royal family of Jaipur, Rajasthan. The Lattice work in the interiors of the palace makes it the greatest place to enjoy, this work is known as the “Jali” work in hindi. This palace is mostly famous because of its residentials status of The Royal family. Still, the extravaganza of luxury that it provides is very very awesome.

The Jai Mahal Palace

The Jai Mahal Palace is actually a five star hotel which is situated in the vicinity of outskirts of Jaipur. It spreads over 20 acres of Land where you can see all around you is the scenic beauty, nature and the royalty of the palace. The Hotel used to be a classic one, but now it has become a modern one too, giving it the feeling of being an excellent example of classic and modern architecture. The Jai Mahal Palace is also a mixture of modernity, extravagance, royalty and luxury. It is something, non missable if you are visiting Jaipur any soon.

The Samode Haveli

Rawal Sheo Singhji was one of the prime minister in the court of jaipur, some 150 years ago. This Haveli is one built by him as his own palace. Although not scattered on a very large area, this Haveli turned restaurant gives you a feeling of being into a mahal itself. The rooms are decorated like the ones in the royal families. Staying in this hotel will give you a royal feeling that you will never forget.

The Umaid Hotel

The Umaid Hotel is very well built and budget hotel which is situated in the Jaipur city itself. This hotel is last in my list of the best heritage hotels in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The hotel is built like the next home to you. The beautiful sceneries from the amazingly carved windows and the amazing view of gardens here will leave you mesmerised for a while.

The puppet show that this hotel offers is worth watching. Your trip is almost of no use unless you watch that puppet show in this hotel.

These were the list of some of very beautiful, budget, royal and luxurious hotels in jaipur. If you happen to step into Jaipur in near future, don’t forget to visit one of these for amazing royal experiences.

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Happy travelling.

Dubai Travel Tips

travel tips

Whether you are traveling to Dubai on business or for pleasure, keeping these few handy tips in mind could save you from a lot of inconvenience – and make your trip a greater pleasure.

If you have the time, make your travel arrangements well in advance. Flights to Dubai are often booked to capacity, and if you delay too much, you might find yourself inconvenienced. This is especially true during the Dubai Shopping Festival, which takes place during the first quarter of the year, when flights to Dubai get rather competitive.

The UAE’s flag carrier, Emirates operates flights to Dubai from many nations in the world, as do many major airlines (more than 120 to be precise). Fares and airline service vary greatly, and it makes a lot of sense to do an extensive research or consult an experienced travel agent for the best deal. You might also need a visa to travel to Dubai, and you are well advised to consult the relevant embassy for advice.

Climate-wise, Dubai is a hot desert. The days are rather hot, and you will need light clothing, whereas the nights are colder and call for warmer attire. Now the lighter clothing for the daytime can get rather tricky, especially for ladies, since they have to conform to certain standards of ‘decency’.

A good cap will come in handy during the day time to prevent the risk of sunburn. During the summer months of June to August, temperatures can rise up to 40 degrees Celsius, and this can be extremely uncomfortable, especially for visitors from temperate countries.

Getting around Dubai is quite is easy, thanks to a well developed transport infrastructure.  The city has a well organized bus system – and a remarkably good road network to boot. Most of the time you are looking for a hotel that is accessible, cost-effective and able to cater to your needs. City Stay Pearl Hotel Apartment is refreshingly modern, perfectly located, spacious and, combined with a friendly ambience, is poised to be your get-away during your time in Dubai. There are also taxi’s and car rental services if you wish to travel in more privacy. The city’s metro system is currently under development. There is also a boat service, across the Dubai creek.

The main spoken language in Dubai is Arabic, but the English speaker is not likely to have much trouble here, as it is also widely spoken here.

The unit of currency is Dubai is the Dirham is the UAE Dirham, and there are many Forex bureaus in town. It won’t hurt to compare rates for the best deal if you have the time.

Dubai is located in the ‘Islamic Holy Land’ and as such there are certain cultural sensibilities to keep in mind, especially in regard to dressing and the general code of conduct. Don’t be surprised also if your best social networking site does not open in Dubai, as the city employs technology to filter web-content which the authorities feel is contrary to the very basic Islamic values. Naughty web-sites are filtered here too.

Keeping these tips in mind could greatly ease your Dubai trip.